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Location: Pennsylvania Country: United States
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Job Description

This position is responsible for the processing of materials and equipment for patient care, operating room and ancillary departments in accordance with established policies and procedures for decontamination assembly, packaging and sterilization. 

Ensures processing and re-assembly of medical supplies, equipment and instrumentation in accordance with established productivity measures. (50%)
• Inspects instrumentation and equipment for cleanliness, defects and proper working conditions prior to packaging 100% of the time.
• Maintains an accuracy percentage of complete instrument trays processed 100% of the time.
• Ensures all associated documentation is complete and initialed 100% of the time.
• Effectively processes and packages all assigned equipment within established parameters 95% of the time.
• Ensures that equipment to be repaired/inspected is picked up/delivered as required on a daily basis.

Ensures consistent and effective flow of communication. (15%) 
• Meets with Supervisor, Processing weekly to jointly analyze areas of opportunity for improvements of services.
• Attends 90% of departmental monthly meetings.
• Schedules open forum meeting with Department Director at least once a month.

Maintains a continuous quality assurance program. (30%) 
• Maintains 100% attendance at all safety, infection control and security related programs.
• Maintains 90% attendance at department monthly in-services.
• Enrolls in at least two (2) Center for Career Development courses in an academic year.
• Participates in at least one (1) Quality driven focus group annually.
• Maintains and interprets sterilization monitoring records in compliance with standardized recommendations on a daily basis.
• Ensures work area is cleaned and prepared for the next volume of processed material 95% of the time.

Ensures compliances and demonstrates knowledge of all mandated safety programs. (5%)
• Ensures appropriate dress codes are followed and enforced 100% of the time.
• Timely adherence to internal and external emergency plan occurs 100% of the time.

Skills: • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills.
• Ability to effectively interact with all levels of hospital personnel.
• Must be self-motivated and able to perform varied tasks with minimal supervision.   Education:
High School/GED

Preferred Experience: Two (2) years’ experience in a central supply or O.R. processing area.
Preferred Licenses/certificates/registrations: CRCST, RCST or CST Skills:




  • Status:
  • Skills

    Quality Assurance: 2 years

    Infection Control: 2 years

    O.R. Processing Area: 2 years

    Central Supply: 2 years