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Sr. Software Developer/BUS APPL/Lawson Infor Closed

Location: Wisconsin Country: United States
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Job Description

Primarily analyses, designs, develops, and supports the business information systems. This position is involved in
determining the software, tools, languages, and databases to be utilized. This position collaboratively implements
software application solutions for diverse and complex business requirements. This includes an in-depth understanding
of packaged application customization, custom application development as well as multi-systems integration. They
serve as a business solution resource and provide solution capabilities to the technical teams as well as the end
user/customer. This position requires significant expertise in applicable and various development technologies such as C
sharp, .net, J2EE, Cobol, Powershell, perl and experience with platforms such as Windows and Unix/Linux. This
position works closely with the Manager of Business Applications and Information Technology (IT) leadership to
ensure that the business applications perform at a service level consistent with organizational risk, information access
requirements, and business strategies. Other duties as assigned.
Require Population Served tab: No
Description Minimum Required Preferred / Desired
8+ years experience as a software engineer is required.
Demonstrated success developing a variety of software
systems while taking on increasing responsibility for
analysis, design, implementation and deployment tasks. 5+
years experience developing data-driven applications
utilizing relational database engines as part of the overall
application architecture is required.
A minimum of 5 years of relevant
Lawson/Infor support experience is
preferred, including at least 3 years in a
senior technical position. Experience in a
healthcare setting is preferred.
Bachelor's degree in relevant technology field is required.
In lieu of degree will also consider combination of
education and experience.
Special Skills
Strong understanding of components and data flow for
simple to highly complex IT systems. Proven knowledge of
SDLC, databases, client-server technology, networks and
Experience with any or all of the following
highly desirable: Oracle, SQL Server,

Performance Expectations
2.1 Assesses the technical needs, requirements, and state of the organization's business applications design, integration, and operation.
Job Standards Weight
3. Job Standard 3 5.0%
Performance Expectations
3.1 Interprets business requirements into technical solutions. Presents recommendations to leadership.
Job Standards Weight
4. Job Standard 4 5.0%
Performance Expectations
4.1 Develop features across multiple subsystems within our applications, including collaboration in requirements definition, prototyping, design,
coding, testing and deployment.
Job Standards Weight
5. Job Standard 5 5.0%
Performance Expectations
5.1 Understand how our applications operate, are structured, and how customers use them.
Performance Expectations
6.1 Provide engineering support (when necessary) to our technical infrastructure and operations staff when they are building, deploying, configuring
and supporting systems for customers.
Job Standards Weight
7. Job Standard 7 5.0%
Performance Expectations
7.1 Participate with Infrastructure and operations teams to define plans for standardizing, scaling and enhancing our applications and the services
utilized to deploy/install/release those products.
Job Standards Weight
8. Job Standard 8 5.0%
Performance Expectations
8.1 Investigate, analyze and make recommendations to management regarding technology improvements, upgrades and modifications.
Job Standards Weight
9. Job Standard 9 5.0%
Performance Expectations
9.1 Proficiency developing and troubleshooting complex software systems that run in mixed-environments including Linux, Unix and/or Windows.
Job Standards Weight
1. Communication / Etiquette 4.00%
Performance Expectations
1.1 Follows Froedtert Health's Communication Customer Service Standards.
1.2 Practices Froedtert Health's Etiquette Customer Service Standards.
Job Standards Weight
2. Dignity & Respect 4.00%
Performance Expectations
2.1 Demonstrates Froedtert Health's Dignity and Respect Customer Service Standards.
2.2 Provides culturally-competent care and service to all customers.
Job Standards Weight
3. Professionalism / Teamwork 4.00%
Performance Expectations
3.1 Adheres to Froedtert Health's Professionalism Customer Service Standards.
3.2 Follows Froedtert Health's Teamwork Customer Service Standards.
Performance Expectations
4.1 Complies with Froedtert Health's Confidentiality & Privacy Customer Service Standards and policies.
4.2 Recognizes potential compliance issues and identifies ways of reporting them appropriately.
Job Standards Weight
5. Safety & Environment 6.00%
Performance Expectations
5.1 Practices Froedtert Health's Safety & Environment Customer Service Standards.
5.2 Actively participates in organization and department safety education and performs position duties in a safe manner.
5.3 Maintains knowledge of and adherence to Infection Control Guidelines (including Handwashing, Bloodborne Pathogen and TB Exposure plans)
and National Patient Safety Goals appropriate to specific job tasks.
Job Standards Weight
6. Quality / Stewardship 8.00%
Performance Expectations
6.1 Actively participates in Froedtert Health's quality improvement processes through proactive team interactions and problem solving.
6.2 Maintains department specific and organization wide competence through attendance at and timely participation in mandatory and other
job-related educational opportunities.
6.3 Performs assigned job functions in a fiscally responsible manner and in accordance with organization and department policies and procedures
regarding business practices.
6.4 Complies with work expectations and all organization policies, including adherence to attendance and starting/ending time.
  • Status:
  • Skills

    Powershell: 2 years

    .NET: 2 years

    J2EE: 2 years

    Cobol: 2 years

    Lawson Infor: 2 years